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Welcome to the Berkeley Physics Undergraduate Wiki! This site is run by the undergraduate community of Physics majors here at Cal, primarily members of SPS (Society of Physics Students). You can find these lovely folks in the Directory. The Wiki is designed to be a resource for current undergraduates, incoming freshmen considering a Physics major, prospective students who want to learn more about the Physics community here, or really just anyone who stumbles upon this glorious page. The Curriculum Page may be of particular interest to some of you, in that page we summarize the classes in the Physics major and provide some professor reviews. There is also a page dedicated to the important but daunting task of finding research. Please feel free to explore all the Wiki has to offer, and feel free to get in touch with some of the students if you have any other questions!

To access the information in this wiki, you can use the navigation panel to the left, explore the links below, or use the search bar above.

Academics at Berkeley


  • Directory - Bio and information for SPS officers and members - many are open to questions!
  • The Physics Community - Information about physics-related clubs, colloquia, and other departmental community spaces/activities.

Big Bright Future

  • Undergraduate Research - Advice on picking, applying for, and doing research in the Physics Department at Cal.
  • Employment Opportunities - A non-exhaustive list of jobs students can get with a Physics major.
  • Graduate School - Advice from alumni on applying to and (ideally) getting into graduate school in physics.
  • Summer Opportunities - Information about physics-related summer opportunities, including research and subject-specific summer schools.
  • Where are they now? - Information about the current status of physics alumni.

This wiki is run by undergraduates for undergraduates. As such, it is a work in progress and may have some small mistakes.

If you have any suggestions for edits that need to be made to this wiki, please fill out the following form