Making ideas reality

Tired of your endless physics problem sets? No better way to take a break from them than doing more (and “funner”) physics with us! Run by the wonderful officers Siddhant Mehrotra and Yonna Kim, the Projects Committee curates interesting and educational adventures that allow you to apply your knowledge beyond solving the clichéd differential equation involving coupled oscillators (though not to diminish the fun in such a problem). From building radios out of fruits and vegetables (hypothetically) to approximating the value of eπ with only your good judgment and a sprinkle of luck, you bet we will keep you on your toes.

For the Fall 2020 semester, the first meeting of the Projects Committee will on September 11th, at 6:00PM PDT. A form will be provided with the Zoom link soon!

SPS Youtube Channel

Need help with homework? Want to hear about other undergraduates' research? Or maybe you just want to listen to Shaunak Modak's voice. Whatever the reason, SPS has an official Youtube account! Come check it out!

Shaunak's video about simple harmonic motion

Destress with SPS

Sometimes you just need to take an actual break from physics, and we totally get it. That's why starting last school year, SPS has been hosting biweekly Destress with SPS events. These will continue during remote instruction in the form of Zoom friendly browser games, drawing, and more! Come chill with your physics peers and forget about that problem set for a while. Specific dates and times will be announced during the school year.

If you have a question, a project idea, or just want to say hi, shoot an email here! We'll be waiting...