What is Integration Bee?

Integration Bee is a Math tournament collaboration between SPS, MUSA, and SES where undergraduate and graduate students compete alike to find out who the true master integrator is.

Berkeley Integration Bee is the one stop shop for all your mathematical cravings where in the prelims you are faced with 20 super ingenious integrals to solve in 25 minutes.

How does it work?

There is a preliminary round through which the top 16 scorers are selected to participate in the final tournament. The next 4 top scorers are also kept as a buffer in case any of the top 16 are unable to attend.

The final tournament, held a week after the prelims, is a bracket style pairwise face off between the final 16 where both people zoom screen share their work space and race to the given integral.

We also encourage people to drop in and watch the tournament!

What Kinds of Problems Would I Solve?

Integrals, duh. Here are some examples!

Why should I participate?

It's fun! It's low commitment! And there are prizes! :)

There’s also word of the world famous rolling violin trophy...

Past Integration Bees