American Physicists' Tournament

The American Physicists' Tournament (USPT) is an opportunity to explore intriguing physical phenomena with like-minded people outside of the classroom. Pick from a list of physical phenomena, delve into the theory, plan experiments, and analyze data in your own unique ways! During the competition, present your team's solutions, oppose other teams' analyses, and engage in scientific discourse to improve methodology. The winning team will be eligible to participate in the International Physicists' Tournament (IPT).

The United States IPT page can be found here, and the main IPT page can be found here.

International Physicists' Tournament

The International Physicists' Tournament (IPT) is a world-class event held in Europe for undergraduate and first- or second-year graduate students from institutions around the world. Participating teams will solve a set of challenging, stimulating physics problems, theoretically as well as experimentally, and prepare to present and defend their findings to opponents and judges. Each country sends one team to compete, and before that, multiple competitions are held in a country at the state or national level to determine qualification. Traditionally, the United States has lacked representation in IPT until the 2018-2019 school year when Berkeley SPS hosted the first national IPT qualifiers which included several Berkeley teams.

We deeply believe that USPT and IPT offer exciting opportunities to personally practice physics and meet like-minded peers. Need a way to share that excitement? Check out the 2019 IPT highlights!

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